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Fall 2011 crit Conference

The upcoming Fall 2011 crit Conference is scheduled for: October 21-22



critical thought, critical action


the crit, a critical legal studies journal, is hosting its second annual Critical Legal Studies conference. The conference will take place at University of Idaho College of Law. The main objectives of this conference are:


-       To bring Momentum to the CLS movement.


-      To engage in and stimulate Critical Thought.


-      To promote Critical Action in order to solve societal problems, and effectively promote harmony and respect while creating a dialogue from which to create a better world.


the crit invites submission proposals for individual papers and multimedia productions from all disciplines and fields of study that incorporate any of the above stated objectives while exploring the critical legal studies movement. Possible paper topics include, but are not limited to, the following:


-      The history and future of Critical Legal Studies

-      The relevance of CLS

-      The impact of ideas and academic concepts on peoples’ lives

-      Language’s role in, and influence upon, the law

-      Feminism

-      Race theory

-      Gender identity

-      The Enlightenment conception of the individual

-      Education and socialization

-      The distinction between law and politics

-      Equality of opportunity versus equality in results


All submissions should be original work created by the submitting author. Any other works used within the body of the submission must be cited using either Bluebook citation format (for textual legal submissions) or MLA citation format (for textual submissions from other disciplines). We will vary traditional citation formats to the extent that we will permit citations to contain the first and last names of the cited scholars (see Katharine Bartlett’s Feminist Legal Methods, 103 Harv. L. Rev. 829 Ft:* (1990) for an explanation). This is not mandatory but can be done at the author’s discretion.

Multimedia submissions of all types are also invited.  Such works must credit cited works either within the body of the piece or in ending credits.


Abstracts must be electronically received or postmarked by June 3, 2011. Following internal review of the abstracts, and acceptance decisions will be communicated by June 8, 2011.


To submit an abstract or multimedia work, email:

Submission Deadline

June 3, 2011

Author Notification

June 8, 2011

Final Copy Deadline

October 10, 2011