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Spring 2008

There are moments that are fated.  The inception of the Crit was one of these.  From the moment Mike Satz and I sat down to discuss creating a journal, ideas have twinkled and pieces have fallen into place.  Certainly, we have had our share of growing pains – some very painful.  But every moment of my involvement with this journal has been a walk along the edge of an important abyss.  As a journal, we have teetered long enough and are jumping beyond with our inaugural issue.

We would like to thank Professor Mike Satz for his unyielding support of the journal and its editors.  I think everyone of us has, at one time or another, been in his office questioning, thinking or ‘trashing.’  He has helped keep our spirits high and our work meaningful.

We would like to thank Pierre Schlag for his tireless efforts to discover and provide the academic and intellectual resources necessary to launch the journal and for his elegant contributions to our dialogue.

We would like to thank Duncan Kennedy for his generosity, affability and invaluable contributions to our inaugural issue.  We welcome the opportunity to provide, as he challenges, a forum in which the young can challenge the “old.”  After all, the “sun never sets on critical legal studies.”

We would like to thank all of our authors for submitting their thoughtful works and taking a chance on a fledgling journal.

We would like to thank Susan Troyano and Sande Schluter for their support, planning, and technical savvy.

We would like to thank the Deans of the University of Idaho College of Law for believing in us and for providing the means for us to see this project through to its beginning.

We would like to thank the University of Idaho Student Grant Program for providing the financial spark that sprung the fire.

We would like to thank Jack VanValkenberg for sprouting our name – the crit –  in passing, with a jovial laugh of course.

We would like to thank all the faculty members at the University of Idaho College of Law who have joined our discussions, helped us bounce and trash ideas, and have supported the spirits of students stepping outside the pale.

We would like to thank Professor Russell Miller for his guidance during our initial musings – a journal?  Can we really pull it off?

We would like to thank the students who helped us get this project off the ground:  Joshua McCarthy, Elizabeth Schwantor, Morgen Reynolds, Tiana Stowers, Mikela French and Erica Mortensen.