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How to Submit

Themes within Critical Studies

  • The continuing relevance of Critical Studies
  • The impact of ideas and academic concepts on peoples’ lives
  • Language’s role in, and influence on, the law
  • Feminism
  • Race theory
  • Gender identity
  • The Enlightenment conception of the individual
  • Education and socialization
  • The distinction between law and politics
  • Equality of opportunity versus equality in results

How to Submit

the crit accepts textual contributions from all disciplines. Submissions should have some nexus with the law, the law being defined in its broadest sense. Submissions are not required to follow the traditional law review format, although submissions using that format are welcome. the crit welcomes submissions in varied formats, including but not limited to law review articles, narratives, textual commentaries, and short stories.

Please send submissions to We do not accept hard copies of submissions.

Media Formats Accepted

  • Text/article – Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), .rtf

All submissions must be original work created by the submitting author. Any other works used within the body of the submission must be cited using Bluebook citation format (for textual legal submissions).

the crit maintains a strict adherence to a code of ethics and professionalism. We respectfully ask all authors to comply with the standards listed above.